Zest And Zeal Of 3D Food Printing

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 3D food printing offers great texture, structure, and shape to food, making it so addictive to the eye and the taste buds in the tongue.

As long as food ingredients can be pureed, it can be printed.

The food that is to be print needs to be forced through a syringe-like mechanism to be extruded into their artistic 3D version. A 3D food print offers an advantage to people with dysphagia providing them comfort and variety.

This new technology opens the door to food customization and innovation.

And the current 3D printers are reliant on microwaves, ovens, and infrared cooking, and this makes multi-material food printing possible. Even meat and vegan alternatives are 3D printed, 3D printed lunches are available to children in a few countries. Starbucks features 3D printed ice cream, restaurants use 3D printing machines, to make their food more attractive for their customers.

3D printing of food addresses malnutrition, as customization this way provides adequate nutrient intake based on an individual’s dietary requirements. 3D printers may become a part of domestic kitchens may be some years later, but they would make animated food we see in cartoons a reality. Now through food printing, chocolates, sweets, pasta, and even meals are made.

Around the world with food technology

These 3D  food printers have a  revolutionary future with artificial intelligence, where all the healthy ingredients you choose will be made to customized meals according to your dietary requirements, extruded into marvellous 3D shapes and cooked automatically will reach your plate, with a push of a button on the food printer. Isn’t that sound like a dream?  But it has all the possibility to come true.

Just for fun, but it is true.

Oh my God, when I say that, I remember the difficulty I had while understanding 3D structures in my engineering drawing class at my university. And see, where these passionate techies are taking technology and food both to the next world.

3D for life

The 3D images provide a new perspective of understanding. They are a source of excitement, and the wonderful part is they give you out of the world experience and bring about more energy and enthusiasm, with a great blend of adventure and happiness.

 Antioxidants for health

Zest is a food ingredient obtained while scraping the rind of citrus fruits like lemon, orange, citron, and lime. There are so many beneficial compounds, including antioxidants, in the zest of these healthy fruits. Zest can be added to soups, juices, marmalade, and all your appetizing starters as they have a great flavour that enhances your eating experience. #Stay home, #stay safe #stay strong #stay blessed and take care.

An interesting piece of information

3D pizza for space travel and 4D shape-shifting pasta that folds into various shapes when cooked are next in the list of 3D foods.

Yogurt For Your Gut

Yogurt processing

The composition of milk is adjusted to make it desirable for the production of yogurt.

Milk is pasteurized at 85-degree Celsius for 30 minutes. Yogurt is a great food for your gut as it has probiotic bacteria that have numerous health benefits. Yogurt is pasteurized before the addition of the beneficial bacteria that are responsible for fermentation as they can remain active during consumption.

 Fat globules in milk are homogenized where they break into small uniform sized particles and form a stable emulsion, or simply the fat gets completely distributed in the milk instead of getting separated as cream. This process helps in achieving the desired consistency in processed yogurt.

The milk is cooled to 42-degree Celsius as it provides the ideal temperature for the beneficial bacteria to grow. The starter cultures are added to the cool milk and held at 42-degree Celsius until a pH of 4.5 is reached. As the fermentation takes place, the characteristic flavour of yogurt is developed along with the soft, smooth custard-like consistency of the fermented product. 

The yogurt is cooled to 7-degree Celsius to stop the fermentation process.

Fruits and flavours are added to yogurt. 

This can be of two types, set style yogurt, where the fruit is added in the bottom of the container, and the fermented yogurt is poured on the top. Swiss-style yogurt, where the fruit is mixed with the fermented yogurt, before packaging, finally, the packaging is done as desired. 

While buying yogurt, in the label, you can find two live bacteria in the ratio 1:1.

  1. Lactobacillus bulgaricus and 
  2. Streptococcus thermophiles. 

But some other lactobacillus bacteria and bifidobacterium may also be employed during the fermentation process.

Around the world with food technology

Yogurt and dairy products are fortified with vitamins and minerals.

There are two terms, fortification and enrichment, and most people think both means the same.  

Enrichment means the nutrients that have been lost during processing is added back again. So it is like adding back the nutrients lost while wheat flour is processed to Maida.

Fortification is adding a nutrient purposely to food, to prevent a deficiency, that is not naturally present in that food. This can be the addition of iron to yogurt or the addition of vitamin-D to milk.

Again this fortification is of three types, mass fortification done by the government to prevent a deficiency in the population.

Targeted fortification where it aims at improving the health of a particular group, it can be fortifying food with folic acid for children.

Market-driven fortification where a food processing company fortifies its product to enhance its functionality and nutrients. 

Antioxidants for Health                                    

Yogurt is one great food for the gut, and adding fruits like mango, pineapple to it makes it antioxidant-rich. Stay healthy and stay safe. Add yogurt to your diet and make your gut smile.

Fortification for life

In life, we can learn new skills and add them to our skillset, and that will make us better and better each day. Every new thing we learn improves our self-confidence and help us progress in life.

An interesting piece of information

The first-ever fortified food in the world was iodized salt.

X Rays For Food Processing

X-ray computed tomography is a non-invasive technique for 3D imaging of materials used extensively in medical, geological,  biological, and other material sciences have now found application in food processing industries.


In dairy products, the x-ray CT technique is used for the quantitative determination of eye formation in cheese, tracking microstructural evolution in ice cream, mayonnaise, and cheese, fat microstructure in yogurt, the microstructure of milk powders. 

In meat products, it is used for quantification of salt concentration in preserved meat, microstructural characterization in chicken nuggets, prediction of salt and water content in dry-cured ham and salmon, prediction intramuscular fat level, and distribution in meat and sodium quantification in pork. 

In bakery products, it is used to know the pore structure of bread crumbs, detect the effect of morphology on water migration and crispness retention, bubble growth and foam setting during bread making, to detect structural parameters and starch crystallization in cake, study the effect of fat and sugar in cookies, investigation of bubble size distribution, growth and setting of gas bubbles in wheat flour dough.

In fruits and vegetables, it is used to detect water core disorder, Braeburn browning disorder in apples, quantification, and characterization of the internal structure in pomegranate and determining maturity in tomatoes.

In coffee beans and nuts, it is used to detect post-harvest assessment of internal decay, microstructural changes induced due to roasting in coffee beans, and insect behavior in pecan nuts. 

X-ray food inspection  

X-ray inspection systems, in the food processing line, are used to detect various physical contaminants in food, including metal, glass, stone, rubber, and plastics, detecting defects, measuring mass, counting components, identifying missing or broken products, monitoring fill levels, and inspecting seal integrity of packaging, ensuring food safety thereby, playing a vital role in quality assurance.  

Reference & image courtesy: Journal of food processing & technology.    

Around the world with food technology

X-ray inspection systems, are used by different food industries as they provide better food safety and quality assurance, and also considerably reduce inspection costs during processing and packaging.

Antioxidants for health

Xanthan gum is a thickening agent and stabilizer made from fermenting sugar by a bacteria and is used as a safe food additive, mainly in gluten-free food products. It helps lower cholesterol, aids in weight loss, and also exhibits mild antioxidant activity.  

X-ray imaging for life

Your thoughts can be your way to happiness, watch your thoughts for a few minutes every day, and this is a basic form of meditation. Some experts say this can help in rejuvenation and relaxation.  

An interesting piece of information

Food that passes through the X-ray system spends less than one second in the x-ray beam, so it receives an incredibly low dose of radiation.  It is safe as it removes physical contaminants that can pose the actual health risk.

Way To Know The whey

We all know the usefulness of curd in food, health, and skincare. Today we will get to know about a liquid that we get when milk curdles. Whey is a natural substance, a light green liquid that precipitates on the top layer of curd, or the liquid that is left over, after cheese making. It will be astonishing to know that this liquid, which is ignored, has numerous health benefits.

Home-made whey contains lactoferrin: A multifunctional protein with iron-binding properties that acts as anti-microbial.

Bovine serum albumin: A substance high in amino acids helps improve antioxidant activity and helps maintain cholesterol levels.

Probiotic organisms: Promote digestion and improves nutrient absorption from food, with all essential amino acids.

Minerals: Rich in zinc and potassium.

Vitamins: Riboflavin

Whey can be used in soups, and even it can be added while making chapatis to the wheat flour.

Processing of whey

Raw milk is collected, cooled at 4 degrees Celsius, refrigerated, and pasteurized. This milk contains 80% casein and 20% whey.

The liquid whey is separated, as a by-product of cheese making using rennet and other enzymes. Whey passes through membrane filtration and ion exchange process, and this results in the production of whey protein concentrate. 

The high protein liquid whey concentrate is spray-dried to obtain the whey protein powder.

Whey powders are preferred by sportspersons, as they help maintain weight and also help build muscle.


Whey protein concentrate and isolate are used in baking mixes, candy, chocolate fudge, coffee whiteners, diet supplements.

Around the world with food technology

whey protein texturization by extrusion is what whey processing industries around the world are looking up in the years to come.

Antioxidant for health

Watermelons are a rich source of antioxidants lycopene and vitamin C that helps fight disease better, along with providing hydration to our body.

Whey protein-rich chocolate pudding

Ingredients needed:

50-grams of Agar-agar

2-tablespoons of sugar

2-tablespoons of chocolate powder or vanilla essence

a glass of milk

a glass of homemade and filtered whey


  1. Boil the Agar-agar in a glass of water until it turns to be a thick, transparent liquid.

   2. Meanwhile, boil milk and add chocolate powder and add sugar to it.

   3. Pour the chocolate milk to the Agar-agar solution and bring to boil for 5 to 10 minutes.

    4. Allow cooling down for sometime.

     5. Add the whey to the mixture that is set aside to cool.

     6. Refrigerate for 2 hours, and your dessert is ready, there you go.

Whey processing for life

 There will be so many things you ignore in life because of lack of time or just because you are not thinking about the good things it can do to you just like whey. What I suggest is to find that productive activity and invest your time in that as this would promote overall well being. A walk or some fitness exercises or a time for yourself with a cup of your favourite beverage can make you feel energized.

An Interesting piece of information

Whey was first used as a health tonic to boost the immune system prescribed by the father of medicine -Hippocrates to his patients in 330 BC.

Vacuum For Food Packaging

A vacuum is simply the absence of air‘ creating this environment for food inside a package is Vacuum packaging.

As most of the aerobic bacteria require oxygen to grow, the basic idea is to minimize their growth, by packaging food after removing oxygen from the food package before filling and sealing it hermetically, to extend the shelf life of the food product.

The reduced oxygen environment also prevents undesirable changes in food due to oxidation.

Vacuum packaging eliminates oxidation, prevents freezer burn, prevents contamination due to moisture in the air, however natural moisture in the food is preserved, prevents rancidity in oil, which occurs because of free radical formation, which happens while storing oil for a long time in the presence of air.

Types of vacuum packaging machines

  1. External bag machines

The machine will remove the air and seal bag, which is all done outside the machine, and a heat sealer is used to seal the pack.

   2. Vacuum chamber machine 

Single chamber vacuum machines 

Once the product is placed inside the machine, the removal of air and sealing happens inside the machine. 

Double chamber vacuum machines are used for vacuum sealing liquid foods.

3. Rotary belt vacuum sealer.

4. Automatic belt vacuum sealer

5.Thermoforming vacuum packaging machines


It is commonly used for for the packaging of cheese, cured meat, fish, coffee, potato chips, vegetables and liquid foods, cereals, nuts.

Around the world with food technology

Vacuum packaging is used along with other preservation methods to significantly improve product shelf life and prevent deterioration of product quality in food industries around the world.

Antioxidants for health

Vanilla extract has Vanillin that has antioxidant and antidepressant effects along with providing a pleasant aroma to baked goods, desserts, and sweets. 

Vacuum packaging for the life 

Even in vacuum packaging, zero percentage of air is impossible always there is a little air is left in the package, so is a spark of hope in life. Even a very little can help to spring back to happiness.

An interesting piece of information 

Vacuum sealers were first introduced by a German inventor Karl Busch and used for preserving food for soldiers during world war-2.


Ultrasound sounds tremendous, even for the food industry. 

Ultrasound is a form of energy generated by sound waves having a frequency that is inaudible to human ears.

When sound waves pass through any medium, there will be a production of a high amount of energy due to compression and rarefaction within the particles in the medium.

Acoustic cavitation that is the formation, growth, and collapse of bubbles happens, as a result of interactions between sound waves, liquid, and dissolved gas, which is mainly due to agitation and collision of bubbles in the treated food product.


  1. Microbial inactivation 

 Harmful microbes are destroyed by cavitation.

Mechanical effects include turbulence and shearing effect.

Chemical effects include cavitation, and the production of free radicals that destroy the cell membrane of harmful microbes and then the free radicals neutralized when their work is done.

Physical effects include increase temperature and pressure generated around the food that preserves the food for a longer period.

2. Ultrasound waves are used for extraction, processing of fruit juices.

3. Ultrasound-assisted drying is employed to overcome the shortcomings of conventional drying methods.

4. Various unit operations including filtration, defoaming, deaeration, depolymerisation, cooking, moulding, extrusion, meat tenderization, defrosting, pickling or brining, emulsification, crystallization, homogenization, pasteurization, and sterilization are done effectively by ultrasonication in the food industry.

Around the world with food technology

The food industries are planning to utilize ultrasound waves to shorten the resting time of fermented products by improving the fermentation process.

Antioxidants for health

Unsalted nuts like almond, cashew, peanuts, pistachio a combination of these nuts serve as a great source of antioxidant that can also provide healthy calories and improve good cholesterol in our body.  

Ultrasound for life

Many times in life, stress agitates and disturbs the peace of mind, with hope and self-confidence, you can convert stress into productivity as everything has some good when you perceive it properly.

An interesting piece of information

In nature, dolphins use low-intensity ultrasound waves to attack prey, while some marine animals use high-intensity ultrasonic waves to track and attack their prey.                                                        

Tea party

Tea is one of the most relishing beverages in our country. Our star of the day is the tea-leaf, We will discuss the different stages, it undergoes inside the factory, to groom itself to be our milk’s companion and provide us with the instant dose of energy, the moment we drink a cup of it.

Mostly manual harvesting is preferred, sometimes mechanical harvesters may also be used.


Withering is done to remove moisture and to prepare the leaf for the next process, in this the green leaves are spread over the troughs and the air is blown from the bottom so that air passes through the leaves, either by air heater or exhaust. The temperature of withering is about 20-30 deg Celcius.


Rolling twists the leaf and breaks the cell structure to release the juices for oxidation where many beneficial enzymes are released.


The rolling is followed by fermentation, which is a biochemical oxidation process, and this is where the desired flavor of the tea is produced.


The fermented particles are dried by passing hot air and the temperature is about 90 to 160-degree Celcius, which reduces the moisture content to about 3% in the final product.

Grading and packing

The tea is sorted into different grades by passing through different sieves that classify them by difference in the size of the tea particles and sent for packaging as per the need.

There are about five varieties of tea

Black tea

Green tea

White tea

Oolong tea

Pu-er tea

Around the world with food technology

Mechanical pressure pulse or shockwave technology is an innovative technology in food processing used for the tenderization of meat, and this is to be applied to tea processing, which would be a revolution in tea processing, according to food scientists.

Antioxidants for health

Ginger, cardamom, and all the Indian herbs, traditionally used while making tea, is a powerful package of antioxidants that can keep us healthy and strong.

Tea processing for life

To brew a lot of positivity and happiness, we need to clean up withered leaves in our garden of life. We should leave our past behind and keep going despite the ups and downs of life, with energy and enthusiasm.

An interesting piece of information

Red tea or rooibos tea is a caffeine-free, herbal tea that is most sorted when it comes to health benefits, and this is native to South Africa.

Super-fine Technology Of Spray Drying

Spray drying is a process of converting a liquid or a slurry into a fine dry powder by drying with hot gas.

The feed, which is in a fluid form, is transformed into a dried particulate form by an atomizer and a heating medium.

Feed preparation is the first step in spray drying, and it has a different series of preparation processes, according to the spray-dried product.

Atomization is a process where a nozzle generates a uniform distribution of droplet sizes.

Heating air or inert gas by direct combustion or by steam and introducing in co-current or counter-current direction so that effective drying takes place.

Product collection

The air and dry particles pass through a cyclone separator, where the particles get collected. And exhaust passes through fine-mesh filter band where the rest of the fine particles are recovered.

https://youtu.be/0o4ZCjHnaRw do check out the video to know more


Instant fruit juice mixes, ice cream mixes, dairy whiteners developed as free-flowing powders considerably reduce the preparation time of these beverages or desserts and also provide better variety and functionality to these products.

Around the world with food technology 

Food companies are now producing fine spray-dried powders of heat-sensitive beta carotene that is added to nutritional bars and other RTE products.

Antioxidants for health

Strawberries are loaded with Vitamin-C that can help maintain good health by strengthening our immune system, thereby preventing us from diseases.

Spray drying for life

Every new experience in life has its set of challenges, to get absorbed in the present and live to the fullest we need to accept it completely and adapt to the changes in the environment so that we can live better lives like how the juice becomes juice powder during spray drying, and these powders make it possible to have fruit juices even during the off-season of a particular fruit.

An interesting piece of information

Spray drying was invented by Samuel Percy in 1872, and the dairy industry used it to produce milk powder for the military.

RFID Food Tag

Radiofrequency identification system plays a  great supporting role in today’s world, where automation has become the topmost approach of almost all industries.

RFID system  uses radiofrequency waves to transfer data and has two components 

RFID reader

RFID tag

A processor/ controller

RFID tag

The RFID tag, also known as the transponder consists of a silicon microchip attached to a small antenna and mounted on a substrate and encapsulated in different materials like plastic or glass with an adhesive on the backside to be attached to objects.

Based on the power source, it is classified as the active tag, passive tag, semi-passive tag.

Tag reader

 It consists of a scanner with antennas to transmit and receive signals, so it is responsible for communication with the tag and receives information from the tag.

A processor organizes the data as it is required or read by the end-user.

A passive tag is powered by a reader either by magnetic induction or electromagnetic wave capture.


 Temperature control with RFID tags plays a key role both for the production team(supply chain management) and for customers,  gives information about the accurate temperature of the food product that ensures food safety.


In an era where consumers demand transparency of procedures inside the food industry, RFID tags come for rescue. If a particular batch of product has become unfit for consumption, it is easily detected and removed instead of a total product recall in food industries.

Inventory management

In the food industry also every detail of when to place orders for raw material, current stock, delivered finished products,  products in the processing area every list is monitored efficiently without any hustle-bustle within seconds with RFID tags.

Personalized Nutrition

For business owners, RFID tags help in developing customized nutritional products according to customer interests and requirements.

For consumers, RFID tags help to learn more about a specific product like uses, health benefits.

Customer experience or feedback

RFID tags are utilized to improve customer experience, by considerably reducing the waiting time making the shopping experience pleasant for the customers.

Around the World with food technology 

Food industries around the world use RFID technology, everywhere from receiving raw material to deliver of finished products. It has made a remarkable contribution in reducing wastage and also has improved the overall efficiency.

Antioxidants for heath

Radish is a great source of Vitamin C that keeps you away from diseases and ensures good health.  Use antioxidants to pave your own healthy way of life.

RFID for life

Applying swot analysis for yourself, and building your professional career based on that, will help in many ways. Because to know about yourself is the first step in knowing about the world. Information is wealth, and there is no doubt about it.

An interesting piece of information

My Fitness Pal and various food journaling apps allow users to scan RFID tags of products rather than typing the products label into the app and easily finding all the nutritional information and health benefits within seconds, helping them make better and healthy food choices.

Quite An Interesting Virtual Food Trip To Explore What the Heroes of the Nation Eat

Before the first world war, Indian soldiers received only cash allowances, the nutritive value of the food given to our soldiers was neglected. During the second world war, the supply of rations became difficult, and our soldiers got affected by malnutrition. The government authorities recommended foods of higher nutritive value to our soldiers, after independence, the Indian soldiers were supplied with food preserved by traditional methods. There were difficulties in transporting, storage, handling, and packaging as these foods were prone to physical and chemical deterioration during these stages.


The defense food research laboratory in Mysore was established on 28th, December 1961 under defense research and development organization, to fulfill the food needs of the army, navy, and air-force.

A virtual trip to Mysore with food technology

The prime aim was to engineer lightweight, convenient packaged foods with a longer self-life that suits extreme climatic conditions.

DFRL has developed a great variety of nutritious bars to meet the energy needs of soldiers, such as compressed tasty bar, protein-rich composite cereal bar, sweet and sour tasty bar, flax oat tasty bar rich in soluble fibers, ergogenic energy-rich bar, barley bar rich in glucan, omega-3 rich bar, cocoa delight bar rich in antioxidants and fiber, a bar for high altitudes. And each serves a specific nutrition need with help of a specific functional ingredient and provides a calorific range of 400-540 kcal with a shelf life of about 6-15 months.

Barley bar

Lifestyle changes have led to reduced fiber intake, which hinders digestion. Food bars with barley grains met the adequate need for fiber in the body.

Cocoa delight bar

The most preferred chocolate bar developed is made from cocoa powder, butter, and sugar, which is rich in antioxidants and flavonoids owing to be a healthy, and tasty delight as well.

Composite cereal bar

The bar is made of several kinds of cereals including barley, maize, wheat, and soy, and contains the essential amino acids, the protein needed to make a balanced, nutritious diet, alleviating protein-energy malnutrition.

Composite tasty bar

During the emergency, survival situations, long patrol duties troops need a continuous supply of energy, this protein-rich nutritious bar which is light in weight, easy to carry, provides sufficient energy in the form of calories.

Soy fortified oat bar

The bar has a long shelf life of about 15 months. The beta-glucan and amino acids present are known to provide health benefits.

Ergogenic bar

This bar is prepared by using jaggery, walnut, cinnamon, pepper, ginger, turmeric powder, which helps warm the body of army troops in extremely cold conditions.

Flax oat tasty bar

This bar is prepared by using flax-seeds and oats, so it is rich in fibers both soluble and insoluble.

Omega-3 rich bar

This bar is made from walnut and flax seeds, which are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids that are known to be heart-healthy, which provides energy and also increases HDL in the body.

Ready to eat Nutri food bar

These provide fullness and are a chewy, dense, nutrition-rich compressed bar prepared from readily assimilable sources of carbohydrates and proteins, and serves a meal supplement in packed army rations.

Sweet-sour tasty bar

To provide a change in taste, sweet and soar bars are developed and contains salt, sugar, chili powder, and nuts, etc

Chicken biscuits

Chicken is a good source of readily digestible proteins, essential amino acids, fatty acids, and B-Complex vitamins and hence helps cater to the protein needs of armed force at high altitudes, as a high protein snack.

Egg protein biscuit

Protein-rich biscuits have been developed from real egg solids in three known flavors, vanilla, pineapple, and orange. The biscuits have nearly 20% protein and provide energy of about 475 kcal/100g.


This instant health-oriented RTE product was developed for emergency use after exertion. It provides 108Kcal for every 30g capsule, 4-6 capsules are enough to help during emergencies as the product contains about 70% honey.

Performance enhancement drink

Aloe Vera is known to have various health benefits. It is known to improve blood circulation, helping in the supply of nutrients to the cells and thus enhances the nutrient absorption across the endothelial cells to the bloodstream. These two properties have been utilized to develop this pomegranate performance enhancement drink to enhance physical performance.

Spiced low-calorie aloe vera beverage

Spiced aloe vera beverage helps reduce blood sugar levels in type -2 diabetic patients owing to its anti-diabetic property. It also has proven health benefits in other people.

Aloe vera fruit spread and bar

Aloe Vera gel with a fruit base of mango helps improve colon health and serve as a bread spread with various health benefits.


Appetizers solve the problem of loss of appetite, faced at high altitudes. The development of ready to eat appetizers with a shelf life of 8 months, is a unique contribution in meeting the appetite needs and requirements of our real heroes. RTE appetizers include ginger munch, fruit munch, pepper munch, lemon munch, and ajwain munch.

Shelf stable chapatis

After extensive research, the food scientist team has successfully developed shelf stable chapatis with natural sensory attributes and extended shelf life, using thermal processing, additives, and flavors that are of different varieties.

Heroes for life

A gratitude note to all the true heroes of now

We can pause and wait for time to pass and, certainly, the world will soon resume. Without these heroes who fight the unknown, we can never relax and calm. Before you thank them with words, show your gratitude for the selfless duty they perform placing themselves in the path of uncertainty just to make us comfortable and safe.

Don’t they do God’s work despite being human. Respect and remember the relentless efforts they render to resume the world around them. Spare a minute every day and pray for their safety for prayer has power.

To all the heroes out there,

Not many can be what you all are, and do what you all do. Thank you! #Doctors #Nurses #HealthcareWorkers #SanitaryWorkers #Police #Farmers #DailyEssentialsServiceProviders and each and every person going an extra step to make things better for others.

Antioxidants for heath

Quinoa is having a lot of antioxidants that help fight diseases and neutralize free radicals, proving strength to our immune system.

An interesting piece of information

All these convenience foods which work the miracle for today’s super women were first invented, for the armed forces of our nation.

Content courtesy: DFRL official website.